In this video, you will learn how to launch jack new released products using Riverfile. Check out the video below. The transcript is right below the video.

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Hello and welcome to another video on Riverfile YouTube channel. In this video, you will learn how to make money with affiliate marketing by launch jacking using Riverfile Launch Calendar.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal home business because it doesn’t require much money to get started, and you don’t have to produce, stock or ship product inventory, or deliver a service. You’re essentially paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses. Like any other business venture, it requires knowledge, planning, and consistent effort to make any significant income.

The landscape for affiliate marketers has changed significantly over the past year. From tighter legislation for affiliates, to Google cracking down on thin affiliate content, and a general increase in competition on the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for affiliate marketers to get ahead in the game.

Despite this, many smart individuals and companies continue to generate millions by staying one step ahead of the rest. So, what is it that affiliate marketers need to do to succeed now and beyond? The answer is product launch jacking.

Launch Jacking is a method of promoting brand new, as yet, unlaunched products (or services) and making commissions from them. It is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch to earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one you wish to promote.

Product Launches flat out work and as affiliates, you make far more money in the few short days when a launch is on than you will from months of promoting an evergreen product not in launch phase.

The reason why launch jacking works so well is that when a new product launches, there isn’t much information about it yet on the internet. So when someone searches for the product, there aren’t many sites the search engines can pull up related to the product.

Product users are always excited about a new product that will solve their problems that they want to buy immediately it’s launched. Then there is the fear of missing out when the launch is over and the price rises or the product goes offline.

So launch jacking is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing.

The first step to product launch jacking is product research. There are plenty of resources that list upcoming products. These are called product launch calendar sites. One of the best product launch calendar site is Riverfile at

Riverfile is a leading JV partnership and product Launch calendar website where internet marketers worldwide – vendors and affiliates come together and profit from powerful joint venture partnerships.

This website is where many product vendors list their upcoming products, be it tools, training, a service, or whatever so that they can let people know it’s coming soon. On this site, you can find great upcoming products to promote and make money from. Now let’s show you how launch jacking works on

A look at the Riverfile website, you can see the lists of upcoming products as well as upcoming events, contests, webinars and even evergreen products. Let’s go down here quickly on the product launch page and show you how this works. Let’s check out an upcoming product like this one product called “Instant App” by Tracy Jones

You can see the product name, vendor name, price, commission, category, network and date of launch. This product is going live on 10th of August, 2018. Today is 17th of July, which means that there are just over 3 weeks to prepare for the launch. If you click on this product and you go to the landing page, you will see additional information like the JV page, sales page, launch time, the description of this product launch and the countdown timer counting down to launch time.

All you got to do is click on the JV page and you will be on this page which provides all the tools and resources you need to promote this product. What you want to do is check out the full affiliate information and tools necessary to promote this product. If you like this product, go down and click on this button to sign up as an affiliate.

You have 3 weeks to inform your audience or people you think will need it and let them know about it before it’s launched. You could create a text or video review of the product and anyone searching for a review of the latest Instant App that nobody knew about would find your site, read or watch your review, and then purchase through your links.

If you are a seasoned internet marketer or blogger with an email list, you could inform your subscribers about the latest Instant App that would help their business and insert your affiliate link in the email. $50 per sale at a 50% commission rate for this particular can fetch you a lot of money in this short launch period. You could promote this with paid advertisements like social media and search engine ads.

When you do a launch jack like this, you are the first to party, meaning that you get to be the first to let people know about a product and get the most amount of traffic with just a simple review content or video. Most sales for a new product happen within the first one to 2 weeks of a product launching, so you must always be in a position to be a part of that huge first week sales.

The whole concept of product launch jacking is ranking your website or product review/preview page for product name, sending out emails or creating a review video about the product during the whole launch period. Once the product is launched, prospects that have already seen your review or seen the product via your newsletters are ready to buy once the product is live.

Let’s go back to the main page and show you some other things you need to know. Here at the top, you can see submitted products, submitted contests, events, webinars and even evergreen product. You can also promote Contests, events, webinars and some evergreen products by visiting these pages.

On the product of the day page, Riverfile recommends products that are likely to make lots of sales, one product every day. These are high end top quality products that are likely to make you lots of money if you promote them.

The JV Resources page contains top internet marketing resources you need to be successful as an internet marketer. These tools cover the Research, Creation and Marketing phases and will help you whether you are a new or experienced marketer.

Down here above the listing area is the search box where you can search for products. You can search products by product name, vendor’s name, category and network. The networks listed are some of the top networks like JVzoo, Warriorplus, Clickbank, Infusionsoft, Dealguardian etc. On this page you can join any network as an affiliate.

Click on any network link and sign up as an affiliate.

Note. The “Join Network” page I mentioned in the above line, we don’t have it yet but mention that line. We will edit the video later.

In the listing area here is where you see the product listings. It’s divided into 3 tabs. The first tab is where all product launches are listed. The second tab is where big launches are listed. Big launches are products from top or elite vendors with good reputation and who consistently do high profile big launches. The third tab is the recent tab or products that have already launched.

On the first or “all product launches” tab, you can see the products that are launching and their details. Products with the colored icon in front of them are big products. These products are the same products listed in the big launch tab. At the top here are also promoted products or featured products. These are sponsored listing paid for by vendors. The banner ads are also promoted products. You might want to check out these products too.

To be successful with launch jacking, it’s also important to promote the right product for you. The affiliate products you choose to market and the medium you use to promote the products will make a significant difference in terms of what you gain from this type of marketing.

Always go for a niche affiliate product that is related to your blog topics and would thus interest your readers or subscribers. If, for example, you write a blog on topics within the software niche, you would want to promote a product related to the niche of your blog, that being the software niche.

You can filter products by category or just look through the list, check out the landing page and the resource provided by the vendor. Go for what you feel will sell and most importantly what your audience need. You can sign up on Riverfile as an affiliate so as to be able to see other info that will be helpful. It’s free to sign up.

You can follow a vendor by clicking the follow button and be in touch with their upcoming product launches. You can also subscribe to vendors lists to get notified when their product is about to launch.

To make sure you are informed about the best products to promote, Subscribe to Riverfile newsletter here and you will always be notified of the top selling products you can promote across the major networks.

Before I go, you might also want to check out the Riverfile blog at The blog features how to’s and business tips from top marketers. There are also interviews sessions and case studies to learn a lot from. There is a note in the footer of the blog which has the form links…You can refer to this.

If you are interested in getting interviewed or featured on this blog and on our social media channels, all you got to do is fill the affiliate’s interview form and when approved, you will be featured as an expert affiliate. Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you soon!

Appearing as a featured expert on Riverfile blog is one of the most efficient ways to raise your profile and gain authority online. You gain increased exposure and greater authority. You also get valuable links to your profile and more opportunities for future round ups/projects.

You could also reply to the interview questions in a video format and send it to support to be featured on the Riverfile YouTube Channel.

Launch jacking is the best way to make more commissions and Riverfile is the best resource to help you achieve that.

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I hope you like this video, Cheers.


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