Hello everyone, in this post we will be showing you exactly how to list your product launch on Riverfile. If you do want to launch into the internet marketing space. a great place to get your product listed is a JV partnership and product launch website like Riverfile. With Riverfile, you get more affiliates on board, more traction and buzz for your new product..

On Riverfile, you can list any digital products that you are about to launch. It could be products like software, e-commerce templates, WordPress themes, videos tools, PLR content, online courses etc. Whatever internet product can be listed on Riverfile. In addition to new internet products, you can also list your upcoming webinars, upcoming events, upcoming contests and evergreen products.

Its free to submit your launches on Riverfile. its the best form of little mini launch or pre-launch.

First thing you want to do is go to Riverfile.com and create an account. Click on “register” to create an account. You will be signing up as a vendor not as affiliate or other.

Enter your full names, emails, password, check the captcha and click signup.. A mail will be sent to your registered email to confirm your account registration. Click on the link in the mail to verify your account.. Once you have verified your account, you are now a registered member of Riverfile and you can now submit any of product launches, events, contests, webinars and evergreen products.

Now login to your account and edit your profile with your photo and other details. This is important so that other vendors and affiliates can follow you and get to know you.

In your account dashboard, click on submit product to start submitting your product. On the next page, you need to fill in the product details. Add your Product Name, choose the right category, launch date, launch time (EST), front end price, commission, JV Page url, Sales Page url, Network, contact email and product description. Below the page, upload your product image (432 X 270 PX) to complete the product submission.

In the product description space, you can bold the title, italicize text or even do HTML if you know that stuff. You can also add any additional photo of the product here.
If you have a contest for this product launch, you can add it on your JV page or create a separate contest launch list on the contest page. Having a separate contest launch gives you additional buzz for your launch.

An email will be sent to you indicating that the site has received your product launch submission. Your submission will be reviewed and then a mail will be sent to you to tell you that its been approved.

This is what it will look like when its all done..

Affiliates and JV partners will be able to click to your sales page, JV page, see time of launch, even subscribe to your future product launches so that once you create a new product, they will be notified.

That’s pretty much how you can do it.

As you can see there are two different lists, the big launches and the all product launches in different tabs. On the first tab we have all products lists while on the second tab we have the big launches. Big launches are listed products from analyzed vendors that have consistently released top selling products that can still be bought and were launched during the last 2-3 years.

If you are a top vendor your product will be listed on the big launch tab otherwise it will be listed on the all product tab.

If you need extra exposure, you can advertise your product launch on Riverfile. There are sponsored ads area as well as banners ads spots you can purchase. Through our promotional featured ads and banner advertising, you can reach more affiliates and more of your target audience to get more exposure and sales. Check out the advertise page for more.

So list your product on Riverfile today to create a huge traction for your product launch, contest, events, webinars and even evergreen products.



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