These days, everyone can be a product creator. Technology has democratized the creative process, and almost anyone can now create and sell digital products online. Downloadable online products are called digital products.

Digital products typically represent a form of continuous passive income. In other words, once you create the product, you can sell it to as many people as you want without any further effort on your part. For many home business owners, these opportunities provide a full-time living.

One of the best reasons why digital products are easy to create is because you don’t need nearly as much liquid capital as you do when you sell physical products. Most digital product creators need to spend money on just a few essentials.

Digital products are easy to distribute, significantly more sustainable, can be replicated infinitely, With little more than one or a few devices. Any person is capable of making a digital product worthy of sharing or selling. No physical materials, factories, or staff required. Just a computer, a sprinkle of passion, drive, and some time.

Here we are going to share some types of digital products you can create and sell. We are also going to show you where to sell and how best to market your first product using Riverfile Internet marketing Launch Calendar.

1. eBooks: If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, author, coach or career professional who has been struggling to figure out how to earn extra income on the side, Whatever your background may be, you can turn your passion into a full time income. You can turn your knowledge, your unique gifts and your passion into a profitable online course and turn it into a downloadable eBook.

EBooks are electronic books, but in a format where they can be delivered or downloaded online. You can write them yourself, employ writers, use public domain content, and create your eBooks from many sources. And just about any subject can be covered and provided for sale online.

You can turn your experiences or talent into eBooks. Things like Travel guides, how-to manuals, mystery, romance, science fiction, self-help, technology, religions… just about any subject is fair game as long as there is a market of ready buyers.

eBooks are easy to create as you can convert your written text into PDF which are an easy to download and read format.

2. Video Training Programs: Another great digital product are video training guides. Selling educational video courses and training videos have proven to be very profitable. The best part is that you can teach just about anything online from fitness and weight loss programs, video series on making money online, yoga exercises, tech how-to videos and tutorials, and so on.

Nowadays its easy to create videos with any video creation tool. Videos can be in form of Slides plus voice, screen recordings or in front of camera shots. There are cheap screen recording software and video cameras that you can use to record these videos.

3. Software and Apps: Software whether sold as a service (SaaS) is a multibillion-dollar business, with new vendors and solutions popping up all the time.

If you’re seriously considering selling software online, then one of the first things to consider is whether you are going to make the software yourself or outsource it.

Of the two approaches, making your own software is certainly the most challenging. For one thing, you need to have a decent idea of the programming involved. You also need to be able to create something that people are going to want to buy. Typically, that would mean building software that does something unique, is better than everything else out there or is cheaper.

You can also work with a great developer. Great developers are easy to find on freelance websites like Upwork or These freelance programmers are good. They not only adhere to standards to ensure quality, they focus on your overall objectives and intended results just like you want it. For some few hundreds to thousands of dollars, you can become a software creator as long as you know what you are doing.

4. Templates and Themes: There is great demand for templates and themes for documents, websites, presentations or social media pages. More businesses are taking their businesses online and therefore need great templates and themes.

Premium Templates and WordPress themes are more in demand than ever as an increasing number of individuals and businesses realize that a well-designed templates and themes are great value for money compared to traditional bespoke design. The advantages that premium templates and themes provide over free ones are well worth their cost.

WordPress is not the only CMS out there and there’s also a market for skins and themes for other systems such as Joomla. Nowadays, you can learn to design templates and themes and make money from it. You can design your own templates yourself, outsource it or buy resell licenses to resell already made ones.

5. Graphic Packs & Kits: Graphics and digital artworks are some of the most popular types of digital products to sell online, with a variety of lucrative avenues for generating income. You can earn extra income by creating and selling graphic packs and kits.

Common graphic products include things like flyer templates, social media graphics, logo packs, icons, patterns, brushes, UI designs, resumes, and Keynote/PowerPoint templates etc. You can make lots of money selling different packages to different sets of people depending on the quality and complexity of the design package.

The prices of digital graphic artwork such as illustrations, digital paintings, vector drawings, and 3D models are based on a slightly different set of factors – your skill level, experience, and notoriety as an artist, the complexity of the style and medium.

If you can develop your graphic design skills, you can make lots of money creating and selling these products.

6. Membership Programs: Just like a gym membership, in which you pay a monthly fee to use the gym’s resources, a membership site is an online place where people can join to get whatever it is you offer. Many membership sites offer free articles or reports, video tutorials, webinars, checklists, templates, apps or software, and more.

Generally, you can make money from membership site by charging monthly fee for people to get what you have to offer. People join a membership site because it will simplify their life, speed up the learning curve, and/or give them greater detail on how to do something than general content offered online. For example, there are many online marketing membership sites where you can download templates for a small monthly fee.

Membership website generates steady income. For example, if you have 500 members paying $15 a month, you can, for the most part, count on $7,500 per month income, as long as you retain your membership numbers.

7. PLR/MRR products: PLR means Private Label Rights while MRR means Master Resale Rights. To put it simply – when someone purchases something with Private Label Rights, that means he can do whatever he wants with it. Now depending on the rights you were given, there are typically a few guidelines that you have to follow. But for the most part, you’re able to do whatever you want with it.

This fundamental business model follows this three steps. First, you buy the PLR/MRR product. Then, you rebrand it and resell it to your customers. And, as a result, you make money. All the while, you don’t have to create any of the material yourself, significantly reducing your overhead costs.

When you purchase a product with private label rights (PLR), you are buying the right to rebrand and to resell the product to your customers as you see fit. You can change the product so that it appears like you’re the one who created it without ever giving any credit or indication that you purchased the product yourself.

Going one step higher than that, you find master resale rights (MRR). With these rights, you have permission not only to rebrand and to resell the product to your customers, but your customers can also turn around and resell the product to their customers too. Both PLR and MRR products are available through many private label sites.

You can now get Private Label Rights for videos, brochures, websites, software, and a lot of other cool things that your clients would love and make money off them.

8. WordPress Plugins: WordPress is not only a simple blogging platform , but also a multipurpose web platform. With plugins, wordpress has risen to a superficial level. Wonderful plugins add extra features that help run a WordPress site successfully and that makes WordPress the most favorite and powerful website platform.

WordPress powers over 28 percent of the web. With that comes 150,000 plugins and themes, which adds up to over 1.3 billion downloads on alone. It’s truly a powerful platform that can allow for a lucrative plugin business.

You can create your own WordPress plugin as a premium one and make money from it.

If you can find a solution to a problem that free plugins cannot offer, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from making passive income from it. Analyze a few existing plugins that are making decent money and figure out how you can do the same to create a constant cash flow.

You can also create a free plugin and monetized your creation by releasing a premium version with more advanced features. You will find wordpress plugin developers on freelancing sites like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, etc.

9. Webinar Presentation: Webinar presentation is not actually a product and its usually free, but it’s added here because its one of the best ways to make money digitally. Webinars are fairly popular, but the direct return on the investment of hosting a webinar is sometimes hard to determine, especially if you’re a startup.

So how do webinars make money?

You present your best, super relevant information for free for about 30-45 minutes and make money by offering paid product at the end. If you promoted your webinar correctly, taught your attendees well, and delivered a pitch that made sense, people will buy your product live. People are able to purchase your product or offering and take what they learned to the next level.

Webinars are such money makers that some webmasters organize this reguarly to sell their own products or promote other people’s product. There are also some paid webinar presentations online these days if you are an experienced marketer in your field. People will pay to attend a webinar they can learn a lot from.

Where to Sell Your Digital Products

There are many platforms focused on selling digital downloads directly to consumers. With these tools, merchants can control download and pricing structure, branding, and where their products are sold.

Some platforms like JVzoo, Warriorplus, Paykickstart are simple platforms to sell basic digital goods. These platforms also have advanced systems for subscription based downloads and secure digital management.

These platforms connect you and your customers directly but, at the same time, handle the sales and digital distribution, cutting out the hassle and letting you focus solely on the products. With these services, you’re in complete control of the pricing of your products and the branding on the site, not to mention the fact that these services only take small percentage of your sales.

Launch Your Digital Products with Riverfile Launch calendar

Now you know what products you can create and sell online, but one thing you must not forget is that every good product deserves a great launch. Afterall, with all the work you’ve put into creating your beautiful, world-changing product, you need to make sure it gets the recognition it’s due.

Make sure before you launch your product, you create a launch plan. Work backward from your goal launch date and think about every step and marketing activity you need to take to make sure your launch is successful.

You need to start promoting your product launch early using Internet marketing Launch Calendars. If you are launching on sites like Jvzoo for example, then you need a good JVzoo launch calendar like Riverfile. Riverfile helps your launch and connect you with thousands of affiliates that will help you promote your product thereby creating the buzz and anticipation your product needs to be successful.

Riverfile lets key people see and subsequently, write about your product. Offering your product to affiliates and other JV partners who have a following and audience is a fantastic way to generate interest and excitement for your product.

Don’t wait until the actual launch date to start telling people about your new product. Start promoting the product several weeks before the actual launch – and start helping your target market recognize the name and/or product. Name recognition is key to getting customers to try your product – make sure that your product name is in front of the market place before the product is available.


List your product launches on Riverfile as a vendor and promote new upcoming product launches as an affiliate. Join Riverfile JV Launch Calendar for FREE.


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